The Gift: Freedom, Equality and Diversity

Analogous to ‘The Conjurer’ in Hieronymus Bosch’s 1502 painting, President Macron hopes to convince President Trump to re-join the Paris Climate Agreement. ‘The Gift’ rethinks the American city, Paris, through the values of the climate agreement and the romantic lens of French Parisian symbolism of freedom, monuments of equality and art of diversity. This new 21st century Statue of Liberty promotes not only hope for urban climate resilience, but also an appreciation of diverse humanity values. The main protagonist of HOPE is the new suspended River Saint (aka Seine) which runs across the city, elevating the importance of water. The masterplan provides shared housing (Boulevards), clean energy (Place du Carrousel street lamps), local food (Louis Vuitton travel trunks), water (Georges Seurat’s post-impressionist paintings) and employment in recycling (Arc de Triomphe), as well as hosting an increasing number of climate change refugees. The resilience strategy is implemented in the remaining 22 Paris in the USA.

President Trump! Take a second look and suspend your prejudices – the gift might invoke a moment of epiphany for you and your base voters to embrace climate change.

The Gift: Tectonics

NHS Crown Dependency 
Inspired by the great delusional adventures of Don Quixote, the project takes on the UK Conservative party’s promise to fix the NHS. The project is a floating vessel, that provides healthcare and wellness for elderly Britons. Established in times of Brexit, austerity, ageing population, housing crisis and a general political push-back on immigration, it champions a new grand approach to public healthcare, combining both physical and social well-being of the patients.
By establishing a new Crown Dependency, the project circumvents immigration rules in order to keep the NHS ‘afloat’. Migrating annually around the British Isles in order to provide a never changing, optimal climate, the vessel invites the elderly to leave their homes and daily worries and join a grand cruise of nostalgic Britain that never was.

Copenhagen, Denmark